Low Shampoo trend

What’s that?
Unlike the “no shampoo” trend, which radically prohibits the use of shampoos, the “low shampoo” makes it possible to wash hair with washing formulas without sulphates*, while respecting the nature of the hair and the balance of the scalp.

Who’s that for?
For those who have ultra-sensitive hair: dry, brittle, weakened by excessive brushing, brushings and hot straightening. But also for those whose wavy or curly hair is thirsty for moisture, and who want to find beautiful curls.

What are the differences with traditional shampoos?
“Low shampoo” shampoos are delicate washes. With a rich and silky texture, they concentrate moisturizing, nourishing and protective active ingredients. Result: hair breaks less, becomes soft again, easy to detangle, shiny and disciplined.

No foam, does it still wash?
Yes, they wash, but very gently, with less friction. Ideal for fragile hair that needs care.

How to use “low shampoo” shampoos?
We wet the hair. Apply a hollow of “low shampoo” shampoo, massage the scalp and add warm water until a generous emulsion is obtained. The “low shampoo” purifies the scalp, removes dirt and impurities from the hair, while providing the active ingredients they need. Then rinse thoroughly. The conditioner is therefore useless.

*Without sulfated surfactants.