ciel d'azur labs

Ciel d’Azur was born in 1991 from a craft industry which produced fragrances in the Alpes Maritimes of which some, like the Plantes à brûler are more than ever in fashion.
As opposed to most of the problematic products of this type, they entirely satisfy the recent regulations concerning the criteria of non-emission of toxic gases of fragrance products as they are composed entirely of wild aromatic plants and natural resins.

Our move in 1994 to the Luberon not far from a quarry of rare clay (Montmorillonite) gave the artisan the opportunity to develop a complete range of products with medicinal clay and organic extracts, well ahead of his time, since organic cosmetics did not exist then, even if we were working on the development of specifications particularly with Nature et Progrès.
We still produce this range with clay under the now well-known « Cosmébio » label which currently enables us to valorise this approach towards Organics.

In 1998 our passion for using local natural raw materials encouraged Michel Touveron to develop a range of « beauty masks for walls », wall glaze waxes coloured with the famous ochre from the Luberon. This activity has greatly expanded on the export side… and we have filed a patent.
So this took us up to 2003 when, after years of success, our production was the object of considerable plagiarism which caused Michel Touveron to abandon these productions and develop a complete range of Aloe Vera products, which were little known in France at the time.
Up until that time, France had fallen significantly behind in its knowledge of Aloe Vera and practically no scientific publications in our language had seen the light of day.
Thanks to Docteur Morin’s thesis published on 27th October 2008, we have made up for lost time and we are most grateful to him for his thorough work in French.
In fact a number of clinical trials had been carried out up until then in the USA, Japan, South Africa, Italy, and most of them in English.

A great deal has happened since then and Aloe Vera is now beginning to make a name for itself in our country. We have become the leader and sole manufacturer of Aloe Vera products in France and we control its production from its cultivation to the finished product.