aloe vera

All our cosmetics are manufactured in our laboratories from true Aloe and not from powder. They contain between 35 and 98% of True Aloe!
Moreover, even if the specifications of Organic cosmetics impose a minimum of 10% organic ingredients out of the total ingredients, our products contain from 39% to 98%.

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External use

The colourless and translucent flesh of the Aloe Vera contains an impressive variety of molecules: polysaccharides, tannins, steroids, organic acids, vitamins, minerals and even proteins. Aloe Vera is traditionally used to act against burns, sunburn, scrapes, scratches, insect bites, cuts, bedsores, chapped lips and sprains.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of its main actions:

hydration of the skin thanks to its capacity for surviving in arid environments. It enables the skin to retain its hydration, nourishes and regenerates it and fights the effects of age.

better skin penetration than water. It can go through the epidermis to nourish the dermis and hypodermis and activate blood micro circulation thanks to its high polysaccharide content.

It therefore accelerates the production of new cells.

Thanks to its proteolytic enzymes, aloe vera eliminates the dead cells which clog the pores of the skin and asphyxiate it. It then helps to grow new cells due to the many nutritional elements it contains. Therefore, it acts against stretch marks, birth marks, age spots and redness.

Skin protection. The normal pH of the skin is slightly acid which enables it to resist various potentially aggressive micro-organisms.

It rebalances the skin’s pH due to its quite similar pH. It is also a powerful astringent. It firms the skin, gives a younger complexion and the skin is better protected against external aggressions.

Internal use

Scientific research has shown that aloe vera contains Acemannan, a form of long-chain sugars which are capable of stimulating the immune system and regulating all the functions of the human body such as cell regeneration and waste elimination. Aloe vera provides 7 of the 8 amino acids that the body cannot produce itself and which therefore must come from an external source. In treatments of 2 to 3 weeks.
• A powerful regenerant which increases the production of digestive enzymes and restores intestinal microbial bacteria.
• Stimulates the immune system and therefore protects from disease.
• Cleanses the intestines of putrefied food and improves the balance of intestinal pH.