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Harvesting in Mexico
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We work in partnership with Mexican farmers in accordance with the “OperAequa” Fair Trade charter to provide our raw materials.
The implementation of these requirements are regularly verified on site by the Bioagricoop certification body.

OperAequa Fair Trade

The cultivation and hand-harvesting of our Aloe Vera in Mexico complies with organic farming criteria in order to preserve all of the plant’s active ingredients, check for heavy metals and pesticides, as well as to ensure water quality.

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Our cosmetics:

  • In order to preserve the integrity of its original properties, the Aloe Vera extract that we produce on site is not heated. It is processed and stored at a controlled temperature of 4°C.
  • We do not use powders or concentrates in our products, and believe that adding water to a powder does not recreate the real gel of the original plant. However, organic foodstuff & cosmetics charters do not distinguish between reconstituted aloe and real juice from the plant. It is therefore impossible for the consumer to find out the truth! To fight this disinformation, we apply the logo above to all of our products.




  • The sulfates found in traditional washes can be very irritating to the skin, the eyes and hair, and we have therefore chosen not to use these in our products.
  • The Cosmébio charter requires a minimum organic content of 10% in a cosmetic product and Cosmos Organic charter requires a minimum organic content of 20% in a cosmetic product.
    We believe that this percentage is far too low and therefore incorporate 4 to 10 times more organic goods in our products!










Our products for internal consumption:

  • Our Juice and Gel drinks:

    • We pasteurize our drinking products in order they last 3 years. Pasteurizing guarantees this long and optimal conservation without care.
    • We check the aloin level to make sure that is below 0.1 mg/kg in accordance with beverages regulation.

Source :  https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthlinkbc-files/unpasteurized-fruit-juice-health-risk




  • Our food supplements  (Aloe Vera capsules, Aloe Vera pulp and Aloe Arborescens juice):

    • We are always looking to manufacture products which remain as close as possible to the natural state of the plant. These are not therefore mixtures of multiple ingredients, and we have opted to incorporate an Aloe content of at least 99%.