Aloe Arborescens

Our Aloe Arborescens plantation in Spain

Plantations in Spain

Our Aloe Arborescens plants are grown in the South of Spain WITHOUT the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemical substances.

The juice is then obtained in France by cold pressing from whole leaves.

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Aloe Arborescens

Aloe Arborescens juice is famous for overcoming a recurrent disease in our time (which we are not allowed to mention) thanks to the recipe of Father Romano Zago.
So you can use our Aloe Arborescens Juice which is ready to be incorporated into its recipe!

Who is Father Romano Zago?
Romano Zago, of Italian origin, was born in 1932 in Brazil. At the age of eleven he entered the seraphic seminary “St. Francis” in Taquari (Brazil), where he studied. Later, in Israel, Father Romano Zago developed his recipe based on aloe vera. He made his formula known through numerous publications and above all, he wrote a book entitled: “Di cancro si può guarire”, translated into many languages.
This preparation should not be filtered or cooked, only stored in the refrigerator in an opaque, tightly closed glass bottle.

Consumption :
Shake the preparation, then take 1 tablespoon half an hour before the three main meals. Take a 2-3 day break from time to time and repeat the treatment.

Possible reactions:
Father Romano Zago specifies that they should not frighten. Reactions can be due to the great cleaning of our organism. The body may react with skin rashes, diarrhea or, in more severe cases, vomiting.
But all this, according to Father Romano Zago, indicates that we are on the right path to healing. Taking aloe vera is not recommended during pregnancy.

Our advice:
Carry out this treatment under the supervision of a health professional who will know how to evaluate the importance of the observed effects.

Plantations in  Spain

Aloé arborescens